Everything I Touch Will Eventually Be Thrown Away

by WereWyatt

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released September 30, 2012




Athens Horse Party Athens, Georgia

A DIY bedroom-based CD label from Athens, GA. Click on the trees above to see the full discography.

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Track Name: Every Human
You finally got tired of getting fucked up in your room and feeling sad, so write a send off to every failed relationship you've ever had, take a step out of the cycle, obsession over every past mistake, you'll never patch up all the cracks when you make more with each step you retrace.

So here's the letter you came up with, it won't convince the cynics but to you it's more than adequate:

I truly forgive you even though I still don't think you're right and I know that it must piss you off to hear that come from me, but guess what -- I am not a punching bag and I don't exist to reaffirm your worldview, you're not the center of my universe and I don't want to be in the center of yours.

I don't exist to make you happy, and I'm sorry if I had to be the one to remind you the truth hurts sometimes. But I'm not looking for your approval when I choose to remind myself that:

You are still a human, yes you're human, you're still human and that's more than anybody grants me half the time it feels like, and every human is still human even if they make you mad, so it's your choice do you stay bitter or cheer the fuck up because it's not that bad

If I learned anything from Malvina Reynolds then I know it's better to believe in yourself even if they call you an asshole and if I learned anything from the way they talked about Howard Zinn it's true, someone out there is waiting to call you an asshole no matter what you do

Every human is still human even if they make you mad, so please stay human, don't get bitter, please cheer up it's not that bad.
Track Name: Wangari Maathai
So typically an American wants to with more fidelity experience the depth of this world. Spends hard earned money from his day job on a chemical and a documentary. Could you break through the screen of the TV does this machine let you feel it vicariously? Seriously, I'm getting pretty down, the patters on the images are making me zone out

And then I start to think hey "I couldn't grow anything to save my life, not a single tree let alone a movement for democracy" Maybe those people were just starving to be a part of something but I too have been getting pretty hungry to be a part of something that will make the government come after me.

And now there's definitely no taking back this rental, cuz I've been getting off way too easy, I haven't paid my dues on anything, and oh yeah I'm definitely not a good enough person to deserve such a cushy life style so I'm packing up all my bags, I'm selling everything that I can't take with me on the next flight to Kenya

Or maybe not, because I might not die the next Wangari Maathai but I can try to be kind, return my videos on time, and figure out the reasons why I'm always making people cry, maybe one day I'll plant a tree in somebody's yard or teach an art class. Oh yeah, you might not die the next Wangari Maathai but please don't let all your ambitions kiss you on the cheek goodbye. There's no reason not to try to be like Wangari Maathai.
Track Name: Reverse Grav Divination
Bucket of water please just act like a magic mirror I don't need to know how fair I am but the situation is getting clearer so I'll try my hand at divination, because I need a leg up, I need a caper I need something to give me some salvation because every scheme that I have tried so hard has fallen apart like an Acme catapult

So please metal vessel with a scratched out bulldog, give me some insight help me re-evaluate my life

Because you can see the desperation in the coyote's eyes as he reenacts the myth of Sysiphus for his entire life, now I'm praying to the angels of Chuck Jones and Mike Maltese oh please for the sake of God just let the fucker win for once in his miserable life
Track Name: Sorry, Victoria (Please Don't Join the Military)
I walked a circle around the heart of the dark place where we used to feel at home, where you stood in that gazebo by the water and I felt glad to be alive, where it's silent now if you come on your own

We paced through years making laps in crossed directions, you went your own way and I went mine, but in time through some alignment that's predicted by cosmology will end up remembering when those paths intertwined

And there you were a lonely girl from high school, a first love and a best friend, how I cried so hard and poured one out for the havoc that Columbia County has wrought on your brain, at the hands of those protective parents so scared of the threat I represent and all those fair-weather Republican friends who said that loving a woman meant you were insane, well loving a woman a woman does not make you insane

Now you reach through this screen across the dark and across history clasping at innocence you left behind and here in this confessional when you talk about the future you say "Oh God what the Hell have I done with my life" Oh Victoria what have you done with your life?

Please don't join the military, please don't help them wage more wars they will tell you its an honor to kill for your country but a country is not what you'll be fighting for. Who made their money in Afghanistan? Who made their money in Iraq? Those captains of the industry use you to line their pockets but the things they take away are never given back. Yeah the lives that we have lost are never coming back.